Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Clever Title (replace before posting)

Hello, world.

First post.

"Welcome to my blog!", I guess.
Do people say that?  People used to say that, on web sites.  I think mostly because they were so new, and people were super-conscious about the fact that anyone in the world might stumble upon their world.  With the heady romance of the information age having waned into the bitterly weary testiness that begs for divorce (i.e. This Guy), websites have gone from portraits to billboards.
Wow, I'm a pompous ass.  Oh well.  Not much statistical chance of changing that about myself at this point in my life (30).

Oh, and before we go any further, let's make something clear.  Some see the title and have assumed that either
a) I am of the mind that the asterisks are an adequate disguise of the world "fuck", or
b) I am trying outwit censored naming conventions.
Honestly, it just amuses me.  It's so obviously obscene that I feel as if the asterisks just draw more attention. In general, I find that people typing "F*** you." are portraying more genuine anger than someone who uses the outright profanity.  It's someone who does not for whatever reason swear, but has been brought to the emotional verge of their taboo.  "Demons run when a good man goes to war", to be a bit melodramatic.
(I promised myself that quote would be in there.  I'm obsessed.)

I'm getting pretty far off track, here.  Part of the problem is a lack of actual track.
See, I made this blog under duress.  I'm not saying that to use any sort of false modesty, I'm just being blunt. I have been asked with an amazing amount of persistence, so I'll give it an honest shot.  If it sucks and everyone hates it, that's okay.  Not that I'm okay with sucking, but that I haven't gotten my hopes way up.  If somehow I become Internet Famous, however, I'll owe it to peer pressure.  Peer pressure and THC.

I was going to try and better explain the theme of this blog, but I think the previous paragraphs cover it pretty well.  I'm just going to think out loud (and by out loud I mean the tapping sound of my keyboard at odd hours of the night) and see what happens.  A lot of it will be about PC/console gaming, including some reviews.  The majority of it will be threaded with geekdom, streams of my manic constant inner monologue (see above), and general assholery (also see above).

That's it.  I've done it.  I now have a blog.  Maybe I should get a cell phone, now.
Play me out, Mr. Lynch?